The Inspirational Journey of Nereaparambil Who owns 22 Apartments In Burj Khalifa



It’s not so easy as you think. It needs tremendous will power if you wanna fulfill your dreams.

The kerala-born Nereaparambil is believed to be one of the largest private owners within the Burj Khalifa, who once made money out of waste at the age of 11 has now built a mini empire called GEO Group of Companies.

Nereaparambil said he will buy more if he gets a good deal. He also said that he is a dreamer and will never stop dreaming.




When It Started


Nereaparambil used to help his father trade cash crops and started making money out of trash at the age of 11.

He used to sift through the dirt and sand to gather up the disregarded seeds and always made a “90% profit selling them on”.

“People in my home town used to trade cotton, but they’d throw away the cotton seeds. Not many people knew at that time that you could make gum from those seeds,” he said.

“I’d do the same with tamarind seeds too. I’d sell the empty shells on as cattle feed,” he added.


Motivation Behind His Success




“A relative of mine jokingly told me: See this Burj Khalifa, you cannot enter it,” he said.

That statement penetrated into his heart very deeply.

In 2010, He saw an advertisement in a newspaper about an apartment for rent in the build. He grabbed the opportunity and rented the apartment the same day and started living in it from the very next day.

Now, it’s been six years on with 22 of the 900 apartments at perhaps the Gulf’s poshest address under his belt.

He is believed to be one of the largest private owners within the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure.


Really Incredible!!


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