This IIT Professor Gave Up His Luxurious Life To Serve Tribals

IIT Professor IIT Professor


These days most of the people go for higher studies and even struggles to get into top institutes believing it fetches huge salaries. Everyone is in race to earn huge money and tries their best to increase qualification and experience in their respective fields.

But Alok sagar is different from all the above.




Alok Sagar, who is an ex-IIT professor, had an engineering graduation from IIT Delhi and PhD from Houston has been living with the tribal people and serving them for 32 years.

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Alok resigned to his job and started working for tribals in Kochamu, a remote village with 750 tribals located in Hoshangabad districts of Madhya Pradesh. It is the village that lacks in both electricity and roads, and with just a primary school.

It may surprise you that during his teaching in IIT Delhi, one of his students is Raghuram Rajan, the ex-RBI Governor.


His Statement When Asked Why He Is Doing This




“In India, people are facing so many problems, but people are busy proving their intelligence by showing their degrees rather than serving people,” Alok told the Hindustan Times.

He has planted more than 50,000 trees in Betul district by working in association with the Shramik Adiwasi Sangathan for the welfare of tribals.

He believes that people can serve the country better by working at the grassroots level.


His True Identity Came When..


No one knows his qualifications till Betul’s recent district elections where local authorities grew suspicious and asked him to leave. It was then Alok revealed his long list of qualifications which the district administration, to their surprise, verified to be true.


Man Of Simplicity




He owns just three sets of kurtas and a cycle, and spends his day collecting and distributing seeds among tribals.




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