India’s Top 10 Institutes Is Out For The Year 2019: Check Now


5. IIT Kharagpur



4. IIT Bombay



3. IIT Delhi



2. IISc Bangalore



1. IIT Madras


Try your best to get into any one of these colleges. However, don’t worry if you don’t get into any of these institutes. There is no guarantee that just because you got admission in IITs, you will be settled in life. At the same time, no one can say that just because you got admission into 3-tier colleges, you won’t get settled in life.

If you observe all successful people, they all are self-learners. Wherever you are, if you can use technology and the Internet in a proper way, you will surely get settled in life. But to be successful in life, apart from using technology in a proper way, you need to follow Sanatana Dharma (ethical way of living said by God).

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Pavani Bharathula
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