India’s First Underwater Metro Begins In Kolkata: 520 Meters Covered In 45 Seconds; Everything To Know

Kolkata Underwater Metro Hoogly Rivervia

India attains a momentous milestone in urban transportation, marking the inauguration of Kolkata’s groundbreaking Underwater Metro project. This engineering marvel redefines the nation’s commitment to cutting-edge infrastructure, emphasized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s unveiling. Here are key points illuminating this groundbreaking project.


Revolutionizing Urban Connectivity

PM Modi Underwater Metro Kolkata
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate Kolkata’s Underwater Metro.
  • Spans 16.6 kilometers beneath the Hooghly River, connecting Howrah and Salt Lake.
  • Significant stride in transforming urban mobility.


Swift Underwater Metro Service: 520 Meters In 45 Seconds

  • Boasts a 520-meter stretch beneath the river Hooghly.
  • Commute time of just 45 seconds showcases dedication to cutting-edge transportation.
  • Transitioning from trials to full-fledged operations to redefine Kolkata’s cityscape.


The Kolkata Underwater Metro Service

PM Modi Inaugurates Underwater Metro Kolkata
  • Six stations connecting Howrah and Salt Lake for enhanced urban connectivity.
  • Underwater Metro aligns with India’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Advances in green transportation mark a crucial step towards a cleaner, greener future.


Towards Future Operations

Underwater Metro In Kolkata
  • 10.8 kilometers of the East-West Metro, including the Hooghly River tunnel.
  • Anticipation of commercial operations by June or July.
  • Underscores commitment to innovation, heralding a new era in sustainable urban development.


Global Impact

  • Marks a monumental leap in global transportation solutions.
  • Kolkata’s Underwater Metro revolution is poised to inspire similar projects globally.
  • A transformative force for sustainable urban development.


Catalyzing Growth And Productivity

Underwater Metro Kolkata
  • Positive economic impact through enhanced urban connectivity.
  • Facilitates faster and more reliable transportation, boosting business productivity.
  • A strategic investment in infrastructure with long-term economic benefits.

India unveils its first underwater metro, revolutionizing urban transportation for efficiency and sustainability. The Kolkata Metro showcases India’s innovation and execution in ambitious infrastructure projects. Beyond reshaping Kolkata, it inspires global initiatives, highlighting India’s leadership in transformative urban development. As operations begin, connecting Howrah and Salt Lake, the metro signifies a leap toward a sustainable, interconnected urban future.

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