Delhi’s New All In One Ticket: Book 1 Ticket For Entire Journey From Metro, Auto To Bus; This Is How To Use

Delhi Tummoc All In One Ticket

Delhi residents, get ready for a commuting revolution! An all-inclusive unified ticket now spans your entire journey seamlessly through auto-rickshaws, cabs, metro, and buses. Say goodbye to ticket juggling and varied payment methods. This collaborative and innovative initiative is reshaping Delhi’s transportation landscape. Join us as we explore the seamless possibilities of this all-in-one ticket, simplifying your daily travel experience.


Ticket To Transformation: DTC And Tummoc’s Commuting Revolution

Noida CNG Buses To Ayodhya Ram Mandir
  • A strategic partnership between Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and Tummoc travel app.
  • Eliminating the need for multiple platforms, introducing the innovative “single-journey ticket.”
  • Redefining commuting with a seamless experience across various modes of transportation.


On The Road To Innovation

  • A joint trial run by Tummoc and the Delhi government starting on January 17.
  • A seven-day trial period invites users citywide to experience and provide feedback.
  • Commuters benefit from the newfound convenience of the integrated system.


Ashish Kundra’s Vision For Delhi’s Transport

Independence day Delhi Metro Services
  • The announcement by Delhi’s Transport Secretary-cum-Commissioner, Ashish Kundra.
  • Emphasis on the digital transformation reshaping Delhi’s transport landscape.
  • Integration of the first and last miles streamlines the entire commuter experience.


Navigating The Seamless Travel Ecosystem

  • Specify your departure and destination, from restaurants to acquaintances’ homes.
  • Choose your preferred mode: DTC buses, metro transit, taxis, or auto-rickshaws.
  • Seamless booking of cabs or autos for initial and final legs, considering station accessibility.
  • The platform fully integrated with public buses and Delhi Metro, with ongoing expansion efforts.


Tummoc’s Ticket To Everywhere

  • Tummoc’s presence in 21 cities with a user base exceeding 30 lakh.
  • Recognition as a winner in the STAMP Challenge for Delhi in 2022.
  • Introduction of digital bus passes for DTC buses and QR tickets for DMRC.
  • Ongoing expansion and integration with app-based transport services for a comprehensive commuting experience.

The introduction of the single-ticket solution for a complete journey through auto-rickshaws, cabs, metro, and buses marks a significant leap forward for Delhiites. This user-friendly and integrated system not only streamlines your daily commute but also brings a sense of unity to the diverse modes of transportation in the city. As we navigate this transformative era in Delhi’s transportation, seize the opportunity to simplify your travel experience and contribute to a more efficient and sustainable future. Embrace the change, explore the possibilities, and let this unified ticket be your key to a seamless and connected journey across the vibrant streets of Delhi. Safe travels!

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