These Indian TV Ads That Created Several Controversies

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Watching TV has become the part of daily life schedule for everyone these days. Whatever the channel you watch and whatever the episode or serial you watch, without advertisements you won’t find any. Some TV ads are too funny and whereas some TV ads become very controversial.

Here are five such TV ads that created huge controversy among people.


1. Idea 3G Ad

In order to the promote the arrival of 3G services, IDEA designed an ad where husbands coerce their wives for sex every time the electricity conks out in their neighborhood. This ad highlighted on the social issue of overpopulation that occurs from endless sex between husbands and wives every time electricity in India goes away.

And, this ad turned to be a controversial one. Several hilarious quips rose against the Aditya Birla Group and Abhishek Bachchan.


2. Amul Macho Ad

It features a woman brandishing her husband’s underwear to a lot of ladies at the dhobi ghat. The ad actually meant that the ‘toingggg’ was actually the tightness of the elastic of the underwear which lasts long. It landed up into controversy when it faced a potential ban for showing women in a different light.


3. Zatak Deo Ad

This ad faced strong opposition from feminist organizations. It shows a woman on her wedding night waiting for her husband to arrive. She experiences suddenly a whiff of perfume fragrance and rushes to the window to witness a sexy man eyeing her sexually. The woman also falls for it and starts taking her clothes off and the ad ends with her even taking her wedding ring off.

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