Top 10 Airports In The World Chosen By Passengers As Of 2017




World Airport Awards, widely known as Passengers Choice Awards, are one of the most prestigious awards in the aviation industry. Kind of a status symbol for an airport, escalating their already high status, these top notch awards are given by surveying the airline customers all over the world. These awards are given every year.

The list of 2017 is out and here are the world's top 10 airports


1. Singapore Changi Airport

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Used by over 80 international airlines, this airport deals with over 5000 arrivals and departures through the week, serving lakhs of passengers. It connects customers to over 200 destinations worldwide. The services, the luxury, the professional staff, the amenities, the maintenance and the quick response teams in case of any fault or repair make the Singaporean airport best and the most enviable in the world.


2. Tokyo International Airport Haneda

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Dealing with thousands of passengers everyday, this super busy airport has both domestic and international terminals integrated in one. Due to its high traffic, this airport serves as a major part in Japan's delivery of goods and development as well as in tourism.


3. Incheon International Airport

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Situated in South Korea, it's the country's largest and busiest airport. And one of the busiest in the world. Though it has slipped to the 3rd position, it is a former winner of the same title of "Airport of the Year" at the World Airport Awards.


4. Munich Airport

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Munich airport is situated in Germany and it handles the highest amount of traffic in the country. The importance of the airport can be understood from the fact that is the secondary of the big brand Lufthansa German Airlines. This airport seems large. And as you go in, it seems even bigger. Finally it will feel like humongous. With over 150 retail shops and 50 eat and drink places, it's a city centre in itself which connects to many destinations around the world.


5. Hong Kong International Airport

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This airport serves over 100 airlines and operates flights to almost 180 destinations around the world, including 44 in the Chinese Mainland, though the relationship between the 2 parts remains strained. With it's super heavy traffic, tight schedules and high quality service and maintenance, it's a former winner of the "Airport of the Year" award.


6. Hamad International Airport Doha

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Situated in Doha, capital city of Qatar, this airport has the capacity to accommodate 30 million passengers annually. It has been described as the most architecturally significant and the most luxurious terminal complex in the world.


7. Central Japan International Airport

Central Japan AirportRef

Another entry from Japan, the airport can handle approximately 10 million passengers throughout the year. It has good regional connectivity, thus serving to Japan's economy as well as is well connected to nearby Asian cities like Bangkok and Honolulu, and the longer stretches include flights to Frankfurt and Detroit.


8. Zurich Airport

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It's situated in Switzerland and it's largest international airport. This airport is also the principal hub for Swiss International Air Lines, which makes it one of the busiest as well as the most luxurious airports in the country.


9. London Heathrow Airport

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As is already clear by its name, the airport is situated in London and is busiest airport in UK and the busiest in Europe in terms of passenger traffic. It was the world's busiest airport a few years back. But now, it has lost this title to Dubai Airport.


10. Frankfurt Airport

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Being the largest airport in Germany and the 3rd largest in Germany is no small deal. This is the Frankfurt airport situated in Germany which serves passengers of 105 countries and 250 destinations, along with 98 airlines. It is also the base of Lufthansa airlines. To accommodate the ever increasing capacity of passengers, a third passenger terminal is under construction. The airport has good connectivity to the German rail system, thus it eases the transportation of goods, and hence facilitating economy.

So, what do you think about these airports. Have ever been to any one of them? Did your favorite airport make it to the list? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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