Here’s How The Indian Hockey Team Is Suffering In Rio – Disgusting!




The Olympic game held in Rio village is not well equipped with toilets, pipes and wiring. It has been reported that there are exposed wiring, pipes are leaking and the toilets are blocked.

As, the Olympic Games are approaching near, the Indian Hockey team, has reported that the room allotted to them in Rio, had two chairs and four bean bags.




Oltmas reported the same to the Hockey chief, Narinder Batra regarding such scenario. Of which Mr. Batra affirmed to purchase chairs and table for Men and Women in the Hockey Team.

However, Mr. Batra has raised a questioned that these things should not be looked after by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) stating “Dear Mr President IOA and Chef De Mission Indian Contingent…Have You all and IOA Staff who have gone to Rio, are on some kind of a Paid Holiday?…,"

On the contrary, the USA hockey team will be staying on a cruise line docked in Rio and while the Indian hockey team is worrying about the chairs rather than concentrate on winning.


It's shocking how atheletes attending an Olympic event are in a frenzy for a place to sit! 





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