Here Are A Few Hot Instagrammers To Motivate You To Hit The Gym



Are you looking for fitspiration? Anything to get you off the couch and move your ass? 

Here are some Instagram accounts for you to drool over and then kindle your inner fitness freak.



Who said fitness training has to be all work and no fun? This account has snaps of people jumping caught mid air




Alex Honnold

Follow  Alex Honnold climbing cliffs and mountains without ropes, harness or protective gears.




Shauna Harrison

Follow Shauna posting workout challenges daily and photos of all kinds of movement including weightlifting and yoga.




Bandana Training

Personal trainer Rob Sulaver teaches to have fun while working out.





Misty On Pointe

Follow ballerina Misty for learning about balancing grace and power 




Yogo Girls

Watch people defying gravity while posing everywhere on everything.




T-Stunning Spidey

This account combines two of our favorite things – Cosplaying + Break dances = Wow



If this didn't motivate you enough, maybe nothing ever is. Go head to the gym right now!


Vijay Alagar
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