A Broke Mom Wanted To Sell Her Chain But She Was In For A Surprise!



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This is a heart touching story of a mother, who was going through a financial crisis in Dallas. The women with her two children came into the jewellery store to sell her gold chain.

The shop owner asked the woman, “Why do you want to sell it?” she replied, “I am totally broke, I won’t get paid until next month.”

After examining the jewellery, he again asked the woman, “Is the only reason you’re selling it, because you’re broke?” then she said, “The chain was a gift from my mother and that I have to tackle a problem which requires money.”

The man gave her the money worth of the chain and left her astonished, when he returned her the chain as well saying, “You said it’s a gift, take it.”

He also wrote down his number on a paper, gave it over to the woman saying, “Take my number, if you need anything”, and tells the woman’s son, “take care of your mother.”


Here's  the video



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