The Winning Spirit Of 101-Year-Old “Man Kaur” Indian Athlete Inspires You

Indian athlete Man Kaur Indian athlete Man Kaur



Nothing can stop you if you really want to achieve something in your life. And age…come on, does it really matter?

But for India's centenarian runner Man Kaur, age is just a number.

Yes, Kaur won the 100 metres sprint at the World Masters Games in Auckland on Monday

Meet the 101-year-old Indian athlete Man Kaur who has won over 20 medals and started her athlete career at the age of 93.



“I’m going to run again, I’m not going to give up. I will participate, there’s no full stop. I enjoyed it and am very, very happy,” she told reporters via a Punjabi interpreter.




By winning the gold, Kaur has become a worldwide inspiration for athletes over 30 who participate in the games.



"When she wins, she goes back to India, and she's excited to tell others, 'I have won so many medals from this country'," said Kaur's son Gurdev Singh (78).




The man Behind her Success

Kaur’s son Gurdev Singh suggested her mother to join him in competing on the international master’s games circuit.

At the tender age of 93, Kaur took up athletics who had no prior sporting experience after medical check-up. Both mother and son have taken part in dozens of masters athletics meets around the globe. Kaur was on a strict diet that included wheat grass juice and a daily glass of kefir.




“I have no doubt that she and many of the other 24,905 athletes competing in these games are inspiring others to lead more active lifestyles and take up a sport.” said the World Masters Games 2017 chief executive Jennah Wootten.


There are a surprising number of spritely centenarians still on the sporting stage that includes 106-year-old Japan’s Hidekichi Miyazaki, 105-year-old Frenchman Robert Marchand and many others.




Kaur, who lives in Chandigarh has won over 20 medals in the regional games that are held around the world said that she goes for short-distance runs every evening.




Kaur celebrated her win with a little dance

These days people who are in the age group 20 to 30 itself complaints of knee joint pains, back pain and many other issues due to lack of proper health diet and exercise. Man Kaur is the true inspiration for those who say age is a barrier to achieve anything.

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