These Incredible Places On The Earth Are Visible From Space

Incredible Places On The Earth Are Visible From SpaceCourtesy: NASA

Ever wondered how our abode must be looking from distance? No doubt our Earth possesses seamless beauty, but seeing this beauty engraved on a dot size from space must be a different feeling altogether. The sight of all the marvelous wonders of nature combined on a sphere must be giving an awe-inspiring look to the lucky robot heads peeping upon us. But no worries, we’ve got you. So let us have a look at some natural and man-made wonders straight from space! Here are some incredible places on the earth that are visible from space.


1. The Himalayas

The Himalayas

These aren’t just mountains for us Indians, they are our pride as they hold a lot of religious importance. Nearly 100 Himalayan peaks tower above 20,000 ft. while 14 are above 26,000ft. What spices up the spiky scenery from space are the ice caps on all the peaks. Very less people are lucky enough to pay a visit or climb atop their summit and the rest of us thank the satellites orbiting our Earth.


2. The Great Pyramids Of Giza (Egypt)

The Great Pyramids Of Giza

Being one of the most astonishing engineering marvels, the great pyramids situated in Egypt age around 4500 years old. They present a blissful view from space when seen from a certain distance. The Egyptian wonders were first photographed in 2001 by NASA.


3. The Grand Canyon (USA)

The Grand Canyon

The 446 km long nature’s own work of art is just too long to be hiked for us humans tho its complete view can be witnessed from space and it looks just unreal. The massive canyon looks like a freakin drawing on the Earth’s surface.


4. Amazon River

Amazon River

Spanning 6400 km, the Amazon river is the second largest river in the world. It even contributes a lot to the oxygen cycle on the planet. Complementing its size it is safe to say that it is big enough to not be completely captured in a picture shot from outer space.

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