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Six Best Ways To Improve Blood Oxygen Levels Naturally

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Blood oxygen is one o the most basic needs of every human being. It simply means that an adequate amount of oxygen supplied to each cell. If the supply of oxygen is not sufficient a human can die within 6 minutes. Now, that you have got how important the blood oxygen levels are, we bring out the most efficient ways to maintain the level and increase it eventually. It does not require any drastic changes in your lifestyle. You need to make some simple changes in your lifestyle and follow them regularly.


1. Exercise

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We all have been hearing all the time how important exercise is to our bodies. Exercise helps in maintaining the oxygen levels too. The cells burn oxygen more quickly during exercise than while idle. Therefore the carbon dioxide level increase. Due to this, the brain increases the respiration rate of the body to supply more oxygen to the cells.


2. Get Fresh Air

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It is one of the easiest ways to maintain oxygen levels. Get access to fresh air, open windows of your house, get a walk in the woods, or in a garden. But, it is equally essential to check your local air quality. When you spend time in a region where the air is fresh and pollution-free, your bloodstream gets a large supply of oxygen.


3. Grow Plants Around You


You could grow plants or small-sized shrubs in your home. Plants like the snake plant, money plant, Areca palm, Chinese evergreens, and Gerbera daisy can actually enhance the oxygen in your house fast and naturally.


4. Stay Calm


Starting your day with meditation and techniques that level in blood a lot. Also, foods rich in essential fatty acids should be consumed. Our body cannot generate the essential fatty acids on its own so it has to be taken externally. Soyabean, walnuts, flax seeds are some foods that contain essential fatty acids.


5. Quit Consumption Of Alcohol And Drugs

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Alcohol and drugs have a very negative impact on our blood vessels. Even smoking has a similar impact on our bodies. However, if you quit all such habits that degrade your metabolism, you may lead a healthy life.

Focus on deep breathing could actually help. When you are calm breathing becomes more natural and effortless, and the stress level goes down. Five to ten minutes of daily meditation could help improve your blood oxygen levels.


6. Consume Food That Increase The Oxygen Levels In The Blood

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Consuming foods such as spinach, lemon, watermelon, sweet potato, kiwi, broccoli, banana can improve the oxygen.

These are the various ways you can improve blood oxygen levels naturally. Ideally, the oxygen saturation should be above 90. If the oxygen saturation also known as SpO2 is less than 90, we advise, immediately consult the doctor.

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