COVID-19 Frontline: Which Mask Is Best for Doctors?

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The Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down since the beginning. On one hand, there are infected patients battling with the risk of losing a life. While on the other, there are doctors and nurses, doing everything they can to protect as many lives as possible. There is no doubt that doctors are at the forefront these days, working hard in grueling shift hours to treat patients. In doing so, they are also at a high risk of contracting the virus, which is why they need to buy the best quality Coronavirus mask online or offline.

Varios types of Mask

Just like other individuals, many doctors feel confused about the right choice of a mask. With so many types and varieties of Coronavirus mask online, failing to know what is actually needed is pretty obvious. However, the entire process of buying a good quality mask can be simplified with proper knowledge about the same.


Understanding The Science Behind Coronavirus Spread

Coronavirus Disease-19, also known as COVID-19 mainly spreads through aerosol droplets and by coming in contact with an infected person. When he/she coughs or talks, tiny droplets containing the virus-laden aerosols of the size of a few microns reach the air around. They may even remain suspended in the air for some time. Similar is the case with coming in physical contact with an infected individual or surface.

Wearing masks is a crucial mode of preventing the aerosol spread of COVID-19. Particularly for doctors, choosing the right type of Coronavirus mask online is essential to stay safe while treating patients. They need medical-grade masks like N95 or N99, which are most effective in filtering viruses. There are reasons behind the recommendations of these masks while going out in public.


Exploring Facts About N95 Masks

N95 FFR or Filtering Facepiece Respirators are personal protective devices that are worn over the face to cover the nose and mouth. These masks are highly popular these days as they reduce the wearer’s risk to inhale disease-causing particles, both small aerosols, and large droplets. They also fit well over the face and filter out 95% of particles, hence the name.

Before buying an N95 Coronavirus mask online, doctors must get a medical evaluation done to ensure easy breathing, comfort, and complete protection. The role of these face covers is to prevent contamination of an area around an infected individual. Doctors treating or taking care of confirmed/suspected COVID-19 patients while being in the hospital.

It is highly recommended for use by healthcare professionals who needs protection from airborne as well as fluid hazards within the healthcare settings.


Covering N99 Masks In Detail

Similar to N95 masks, N99 respirators filter out 99% of the harmful particles, thus keeping the wearer safe from contracting various diseases. An important thing to know about these masks is that they are not resistant to oil.

The fact is – oil-based particulates are slippery in nature and are thus, capable of penetrating filters that are enough for non-oil particulates. Hence, it is crucial to keep in mind these facts while buying a Coronavirus mask online.


Choosing A Respirator With Or Without A Valve

These days, one can easily find and buy an N95 coronavirus mask online, both with or without valves. Many people ask this question about which one to choose, not knowing the reasons behind making an informed decision.

Most of the N95 Coronavirus mask online can protect the wearer from Coronavirus contraction. However, it may not prevent the spreading of the virus when the wearer is infected. In general, it is advisable to wear an N95 mask that does not have an exhalation valve for both respiratory protection and source control.

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Buy The Best Quality Masks With Natural Filtration Features

As a doctor, you need complete protection from Coronavirus by wearing a mask that is highly efficient and can prove to be successful in filtering the virus. One such option of a Coronavirus mask online is Airific from Nirvana Being.

This mask has natural filtration features to provide maximum protection from dust, smoke, allergens, and pathogens. They are made with spiderweb-like structures of nanofibers that are capable to catch very small particles. It is highly breathable, which means you can wear them all day long while taking care of your patients.

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