11 Illegal Places In The World That One Should Know Before Visit

illegal placesillegal places



Do you know that there are places where you will end up in prison if you visit? Terrific isn’t it? Yes, visiting these paces is illegal. Better know before you plan to travel.

1. Bohemian Grove, Monte Rio, California


Some of the world's richest and most powerful people gather to get drunk and have their wildest parties. And anyone who sneaks in uninvited ends up in prison.


2. Lascaux Caves, France


People used to draw on these lovely prehistoric cave paintings when they were open to the public. So, they were sealed off back in 1963 in an attempt to rescue them from destruction


3. Surtsey, Icelandic island


During enormous oceanic volcanic eruptions in 1960s, this little volcanic island was created. Scientists are trying so hard to understand how a brand new island becomes a habitat and so you are not allowed to go.


4. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway


It houses an emergency global supply of seeds just in case of a global food crisis. So, unless you are a plant nut or an approved researcher, you are not allowed anywhere near it.


5. North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands


You won’t get arrested if you visit this place but you will be killed with a ton of arrows. Yes, the locals on this island in the Indian Ocean really just want to be left alone and are quick to greet outsiders with a hail of arrows.


6. Area 51, Nevada, USA


This one is no big secret. If you go anywhere near the place then you will either be picked up by the FBI, CIA or a group of aliens.


7. Chapel Of The Tablet, Axum, Ethiopia


Only the Ark’s guardian is allowed to enter inside. It supposedly holds the Ark of the Covenant.


8. Niihau, Hawaiian Island


You can’t visit this tropical paradise because it’s a private property. Aside from about 130 indigenous residents, only those invited by the Robinson family are allowed to visit.


9. White’s Gentlemen’s Club, London, England


This house of drinking and gambling for Britain's elite only allows male members. More than that, new members need approval of 35 existing members and must pay the equivalent of $1,203 per year before you can even consider going near the place.


10. Poveglia Island, Italy


The tiny island of Poveglia is wedged between Venice and Lido. It was once home to mental institutions which allegedly used to torture and perform experiments on patients back in the day. People now think the place is haunted. So, the local government has banned anyone from visiting it. According to historical estimates as many as 150,000 people died on the island.


11. Ilha Da Queimada Grande, Brazil


No matter where you are on this island, you will run into a pit viper with flesh-melting venom after walking about 10 feet. So it's no surprise that the Brazilian Navy has banned all from entering this Snake Island. However, scientists who want to study this place can enter at their own risk.

If you know any such illegal places, share us in the comments. By the way, did you go to any of these places by mistake?

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