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Romantic Ideas For Long Distance Relationship Couples

Various Ideas for long distance couplesvia

5. Binge Watch

Netflix Ideas

While being in each other’s company, you would’ve watched movies or TV shows together. You can still do that; pick a movie or a show and watch it at the same time. You can discuss your favourite scenes and feel in person with them.


6. It’s All About Surprises

It’s All About Surprises Ideas

The distance is a great way to surprise each other with unexpected, personalised gifts. It could be something they spoke about over call last week or a token of appreciation for something amazing they did. It’ll catch your partner by surprise and will fill their tummy with butterflies.


7. DIY

DIY ideas

If you and your partner are into art and craft or love baking, then this is a great idea. Both of you can pick a DIY project or a recipe and do it together over a video call. You get to look at your partner’s adorable face when they aren’t able to get the design right or high-five them when the muffins come out to be fluffy and nice.


8. Letters

Love Letter Ideas

Even though the technology offers us advanced things like calls, Skype etc; nothing beats the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you read a handwritten letter from your partner on your anniversary or birthday. Pen down how much you love and miss your loved one and post the letter.

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