Gahmar, Ghazipur, The Village That Contributes The Largest Number Of Troops

Approximately, 12,000 Villagers Are Serving In The Army Now


The struggle and the sacrificed of the army are overlooked. However, it is impossible to think about our safety without the Indian Army. On this occasion of Army Day, we would like to salute all those real heroes of our countries. Keeping our focus on Army, today we will familiarize you with the largest village in Asia, Gahmar, Ghazipur, UP. The best thing about the village is that each house in the village produces soldiers. Let us know a bit more about Gahmar.


Love For Army


Established in 1530 the village has the population of 1,20,000. The village is located 40 KM away from the city. The village is well equipped with the basic facilities and the villagers have a deep love for army there. Approximately, 12,000 soldiers in the army are the native of Ghazipur. Furthermore, 15,000 villagers are retired from the army.


Many Soldiers Were Active During World War


Gahmar has a railway station connected to Patna and Mughalsarai Junction. The village has 2 post offices and one Panchayat Bhawan. The craze for the army is not a new stuff for the people of Gahmar. They fought in the world wars alongside the British. It is said that during the World War 228 Indian soldiers were from Gahmar out of which 21 died in the war.


Army Facilities In The Village


Keeping the will and the patriotism of the villagers in the mind, the army would set the recruitment camp in the village. Somehow, they stopped doing that in 1986 and now the villagers have to go to Sikandrabad in they want to join the army. The village also had the army canteen facility but it was stopped.

This village seems to inspire everyone to join the army. Moreover, it develops a sense of patriotism in our heart. What is your thought on this? Share in the comments.

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