Huaxi Village Residents Have Rs. 85 Lakhs In Their Bank Accounts


Want to live in a village with lots of luxury, an 85 lakh bank account, a bungalow and a luxury car? Yes it’s possible, and not in dreams but in reality. There is this village known as Huaxi in Jiangsu province of China which has turned all of it in a reality.


Usually under-development, lack of job opportunities and shortage of electricity and drinking water is what someone gets to his mind first when one is thinking about a village. But this place defies every such thing. It is full of world class luxuries and facilities which are seems only possible in the realm of imagination. In luxury it easily beats any other city in the world.

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Residents of this village have approximately Rs. 85 lakhs or more in their bank accounts. They also own a bungalow and a car. Though the population of this village is just 2,000. ¬†Surely, it isn’t for many but only the elite. It’s actually the richest village in China.

Sounds lucrative, right? But no. To be a resident of this village is not so easy. You have to land into a job in any one of the companies in the village. And being big companies thus makes it the more difficult. But, the silver lining is that once you get a job, you are not going to earn less than Rs. 10 lakhs per year. In fact, in the year 2015, the village announced that it’s every resident now earns more than Rs. 10 lakhs annually.

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The authorities here work hard to maintain the reputation of this village and keep it up the mark. Every resident of this village is immediately given a bungalow and a car, along with several other amenities.

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The village is so prosperous because of its thriving steel production and textile and cloth factories. Even its closeness with Shanghai, being only 2 hrs away, and its better connectivity helps it in prospering. It even declared its annual income to be 9000 crores back in 2003. It’s expected to have increased manifold since then.

If you are traveling to Huaxi, you can take a helicopter taxi which can show you the entire village within minutes. The village has a lot to be seen. It boasts of The International Luxury Long Wish hotel which has more than 826 rooms, including 16 Presidential suites and one Gold Presidential suite costing around Rs. 10 lakh per night. It also has a statue made of pure Gold on the 60th floor of Huaxi’s tallest building. The building is so tall that it has been named Hanging Village of Huaxi. It is even taller than the Eiffel Tower. Even replicas of monuments such as the Eiffel Tower are also noteworthy tourist attractions here.

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But there is a catch, like with every other good thing. Once a resident leaves the village, a majority part of the property is taken under the control by the administration and the rights are lost by the resident. Moreover, only 30% of salary received here can be cashed and rest is given as stocks, which again cannot be cashed.

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Moreover, the village is mysterious as the Chinese government doesn’t allow any media or press inside this village. Thus many people call this village as a propaganda though the Chinese government boasts about it as an example of its model of development. What are your views on this village? What do you think? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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