If You Don’t Believe In Paranormal Activities, You Should Check Out This Hotel

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Some people don’t believe in ghosts and they laugh at people who say when they are experienced. And I say, wait till you get experienced. That day you will definitely believe.

Just like there are good people and bad people, there is both God and devil. Fortunately or unfortunately I experienced both. The irony is that the ghost gave opportunity only to me to listen to its sounds or experience touch. I saw the real horror movie in our previous house. Trust me, unless you have tremendous courage, it’s not easy. By God’s grace, I am saved. If you would like to know my experience with a ghost, then I will surely share in another write-up. As of now, I would like to say about this hotel which is OFFICIALLY declared as a haunted place.


There are so many haunted places on our planet. Now, if you are the one who truly doesn’t believe then you should visit Shanley Hotel, New York. I used the word “truly doesn’t believe” because there are people who say to the outside world that they don’t believe in god and ghost. But you know they are the ones who really believe. Yeah, double action candidates!


Shanley Hotel, New York


This 2-star hotel is in fact so haunted that guests have to sign a waiver before booking. The paranormal activities are very frequent in this hotel and no one ever has denied it after visiting. The tariff at this hotel is fairly cheap, at $9 per night, but there are other requirements you have to fulfill to be able to ‘afford’ this experience. To start with, you must be more than 16 years of age.


This Is What Happened


In 1906, James and Beatrice Shanley bought this property. They faced some grim tragedies in their private lives after that. James’s three children named Kathleen, James and William lost their life in the home before their 1st birthday. But this is not it. The deaths continued, not just in the family but in the families of people associated with them too. In 1911, a hotel employee’s daughter named Rosie also lost her life as she fell into a nearby well. In 1918, Beatrice Shanley’s sister also couldn’t survive and in 1920,  liquor was sold inside the hotel during Prohibition. Then in 1979, William Blackmur passed away while in residence at the hotel. The hotel has passed through approx 20 owners. Now that you have got the history,


The Description Of Scripts That Reside At The Hotel


A ghost cat (Yes, really!). A mourning woman cries. People guess it to be Beatrice Shanley who cries for her three children. “Emma” the spirit of a former cook. A Victorian woman. James Shanley’s spirit who wanders the hallways, whistles and smells of tobacco. Children: likely Kathleen, James, and William Shanley along with an older (around 5-years-old) boy.


Experiences of Guests


The guests have experienced a number of paranormal activities in the hotel like mysterious clock chimes, chairs rocking on their own, footsteps, cold and hot spots, whistling, piano music, the laughing of children, voices. They also smelled the aromas of cooking when no food was being prepared, seen shadows and apparitions of ghosts who apparently looked at them.

Did you experience any paranormal activity in your life? Share us in the comments. If you like to see horror movies that are based on the true events, then noted down this movies list.

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