Hong Kong Star Ferry Captain Chung Cause Of Death? Dies After Collapsing On Board

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On Wednesday morning, Star Ferry captain Chung was found dead after collapsing on a vessel in an industrial accident. Star Ferry has been a popular transportation service in Hong Kong for over a century. It operates double-decker ferry boats that traverse Victoria Harbour, connecting Hong Kong and Kowloon. The Star Ferry is a practical mode of transport for commuters and a popular tourist attraction due to its scenic views of the city skyline.


What Happened To Star Ferry Captain Chung?

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Captain Chung had been working for the fleet for eight years. He had a wife and two sons in primary and secondary school, respectively.

During his overnight shift, the 47-year-old captain, Chung, fell unconscious while inspecting the machinery onboard. Some sources indicate that he suffered a seizure and subsequently fell into a coma at around 5 AM machinery onboard. Some sources indicate that he suffered a seizure and subsequently fell into a coma at about 5 AM.

Following the incident, the authorities from the Marine Department were called to the Tsim Sha Tsui pier to investigate the accident. According to the police, Chung was injured and lost consciousness on the way to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. However, he died upon arrival.

Ferry Captain Chung

An autopsy will be conducted to identify the cause of the death. The force has classified the case as an industrial accident.

According to the treasurer of the Star Ferry Company Limited Workers Union, Li Yun-Keung, the captain is believed to have woken up just before the incident took place. Li Yun-Keung stated that he had seen the security footage. The footage depicted the captain convulsing on the floor as if having a heart attack. However, no medical record indicated that the captain had a pre-existing heart condition.

On Wednesday morning, the Association for the Rights of Industrial Accident Victims and Star Ferry’s officers reached the hospital to provide help to the captain’s family and relatives.

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