Long Weekends 2017 – Avail Them With This “Cheat Sheet”



2017 seems to be packed with ultra fun action. With year starting itself falling on the weekend, all the national holidays are also going to linger around the end days of the week so that you get a fair chance to plan your long weekends.

The first official holiday will be on January 14 which is a Saturday. So, you already have to chance to cheer over Sankranti. Following that, January 26 is going to fall on Thursday yielding you a long weekend free from work. Provided, you are manage to get a work-free Friday.

Again, February may also give you an escapade chance with Mahashivratri occasion of Friday. After then comes the Holi, full of colours and near to weekend giving you a chance to free yourself for an extra long time.

long weekends 2017


In April, Ambedkar Jayanti is falling on Friday and May gives equal competition with bringing Labour day on Monday.

Then comes August with Ganesh Chaturthi falling on Friday, giving a reason to breathe.

September is falling behind with Vijya Dashmi on September 29 which is  Friday and then comes October 2 holiday.

After that, October is appearing with big Deewali smile and December with Christmas charm.

And that is how, 2017 is unleashing all the pleasures it holds for us. It's just you will have to be little extra canny to avail little extra with these weekend holidays.

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