These Two Artists Depict The Story Of Fantasy Art



Art is not a human language but an only expression of imagination. These two artists from Rajasthan depict the story of fantasy art, without any formal training. Their surroundings and environment infused so many colours in their imaginations that they exhibit only what they imagine and nothing else.

Taslim Jamal, showcases her artwork under the name Udaan and mainly manifest animal and human forms in her artwork. Her complete work is inspired by her bringing in Pratapur. The area is known for its culture and tribal heritage.

She strives to bring the natural hues and expression of her heart and soul in the work. She said it like, “My work is based on a semi-conscious state of mind, influenced by the simplicity of the environment around me. Dreamland, the village series, many works in black and white, expresses the close contact of the tribals with animals, their tough life, hunger, poverty.

The bright colours in some of the works strive to look at hope in the life of these tribals”. She mainly uses oil and cloth as her art tools. In her advanced series, Taslim is creating abstract forms, textures with the help of cloth and paint on canvas.


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Amit Rajvanshi depicts the second story of such kind. His artwork is not a product of particular theme but an outcome of his raw and unsettled imaginations. He mainly put efforts in geometrical figures like lines, squares, layers and textures. He creates the figures and forms of mythology, fantasy, and spirituality.


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With the help of acrylics, he had created Krishna figure in different avatars. To eliminate the extra dose of philosophy from his art, he fused it with some humour.

He says, “I have not restricted my imagination, and it was fun to be free to create, and use a mix of colours and textures”.

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His works show a couple taking selfie,  the life of a common person who is sitting on a cactus but admires the beauty of a flower, the relationship of a female and a fish – both are out of water and a half-empty glass to create some illusion.

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