Hidden Tricks You Don’t Know Your Android SmartPhones Could Do

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6. View Texts and Images Clearly

Hidden tricks in phone

If you are suffering from poor eyesight, your Android allows you to magnify the Texts and Images on your phone through which you can see clearly what’s on your phone. You need to go to Settings> Accessibility > Visibility.


7. Voice Command

Hidden tricks

People who suffer complete visual Impairment can use this feature on Android to access their phones. Through voice command where ever you tap your finger you phone reads out what’s on the screen. You can easily access it just go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing


8. Number of Footsteps

Hidden tricks in phone

Yeah, that’s another feature of Android that allows you to count the number of steps you took in the day and the miles you traveled, well it’s actually your phone’s movement but it’s helpful if you’re jogging or running and trying to keep a track.


9. Turn on Guest Mode

Hidden Tricks in Phone

If you don’t want anyone to go through your personal data, messages, installed apps, then you can give them your phone with Guest Mode. This hides all your personal data. To switch on the Guest mode you need to pull down the Notification bar, tap on your avatar, choose the guest mode and you’re done. When the device is safely back in your hands, you can go back to your previous settings.


10. Invert Colours

Hidden tricks in Phone

We couldn’t understand the usefulness of this feature until it came. It allows you to invert colors and use night mode on your phone that puts the strain in your eyes. All you need to do is go to Settings > Accessibility > Night Mode

So, these were some of the hidden tricks which your phone can do. So, do try these. Also, we all know how it feels when our phones get lost. Click here to see such annoying things that go wrong with our phones.