You Can Relate To These Annoying Things That Go Wrong With Our Phones

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We all are well aware of the fact that we can’t go a minute without our phones. Be it googling something, directions to a place, listening, news updates and what not. This little piece of technology being able to do the job of thirty other things is just amazing. But what is not amazing is when this little piece of technology stops working. It’s like an apocalypse, especially when you have something important to do, but it just won’t work. Here are some of the most annoying things that your phone does, it sucks!


1. Dead Battery

Dead battery problems

You know when it’s less than 5% and you just run for its dear life to find a charger, even worse, you can’t find the charger. Its the end of life. And we all have gone through this moment at least once in our life, right?


2. Hanged Phone

Annoying things phone does

You know when you have some important work to do, be it a status update, sending someone your location, booking a cab. A hanged phone is always a headache. It gets very frustrating.


3. Bought A New Phone? Welcome The Fun

Phone troubles

When you buy a new phone, and your fingers dance according to your old phone. Yes, that’s funny. Getting familiar with a new phone and it’s functioning can be fun as well as frustrating at times.


4. No Service Area

Annoying things with phones

Yes, with phone comes network, and when you go to a place where you got Two sim cards but no Signal. Isn’t the irony? Whether you need direction to a location or call someone, no service area makes you irritated.


5. Damn Autocorrect

Annoying things phone does

When you were typing something really fun and great, but the autocorrect shows it’s intelligence. And when you need it to show it’s intelligence it just won’t work. Smartphones sometimes get so smart that they fail in real life.