Pakistani Cricketer Hasan Ali’s Signature Moves At Wagah Border Draws Attention From All Corners – Check Video

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Pakistani Fast Bowler Hasan Ali was seen doing his signature wicket move aka “Bomb Explosion Move” at Wagah Border during flag lowering ceremony, the video gets viral.

Everyone is well aware of the thick tension that goes on between Pakistan and India. Due to the Historic and Political reasons, this tension is relevant on the cricket field as well. This lurking tension between the two teams is now seen only on the world cricket.

Conflicts between India and Pakistan grabs the attention of not only the two nations but the world as well. Recently the Pakistani Cricketers commented upon the Kashmir issue did no good to the tension. Another such issue arose when the Pakistani fast bowler Hasan Ali was seen doing his signature wicket move aka “Bomb Explosion Imitation ” facing India at Wagah Attari Border.

The tweet of this video went viral on the Internet as soon as it was uploaded, drawing the attention of people around the world. The daily ritual of flag lowering ceremony is a part of our wisdom and Hasan Ali doing such a thing on the border was said to be disrespectful.

On one hand, Pakistani players on this issue say that there were no bad intentions. The sole purpose of visiting the Ind-Pak border was to get a fresh boost of energy before taking off to England for England-Ireland test series.

Where was, on the other hand, the BSF (Border Security Force) was enraged at this move intending to lodge a complaint against Hasan Ali for disrespecting the flag and affecting the sanity of the parade. As no public interference is allowed in between the flag lowering ceremonies but the Pakistani Rangers on the other side of the border has tried to affect the sanctity of this ritual and the BSF Inspector General, Mukul Goel is intending to lodge a protest against the Rangers on Pakistan Border. Not all sportsmen are like this. There are really humble players in Pakistani team as well who showed humble gestures. Check out the events here. They are an example of true sportsmanship unlike this.

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