This Deaf Uber Driver’s Heartwarming Gesture For Passengers Is The Best Thing You Will Read Today

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Actions speak louder than words. And today I would like to share you something which affirms this. It’s not every day you will see this awesomeness that too from Uber drivers as Uber has been in news for several assaults.

But this time, Uber customer couldn’t stop herself from sharing after she read a soul-stirring note kept inside while traveling in her cab.

Onur Kerey, the driver of the vehicle, conveyed to the passengers that he was deaf. He wrote the note to inform the passengers about his situation and also told them that if by any chance, they would want to communicate with him, they can do so by either texting him or writing on a writing pad available in the car.


The note also mentioned that the rider could use the aux cable to play their own music.

Overwhelmed by the driver’s sweet gesture, a person by the name @lilghostgirl took to social media to share her experience. She tweeted out the photograph of the message written by Kerey and captioned it, “This was the purest thing we love Onur.”

Deeply touched by his gesture, some people on Twitter said that it is unfortunate that not many people are aware of the American Sign Language, which can help communicate with someone who is deaf and mute.

Here are some of the reactions that the tweet received:

1. American Sign Language ASL


2. Seems You Too Had A Great Experience!


3.  Yes, So Sweet Of Him

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