This Story Of A Haryana Farmer Marrying A Rape Survivor Makes Every Indian Feel Pride

Haryana Farmer Marrying A Rape SurvivorHaryana Farmer Marrying A Rape Survivor


Some scars haunt forever in life even in dreams. Especially the life of a victim becomes extremely difficult. In many parts of the world, it’s the victim who bears the brunt of shaming, loses respect and pride instead of an attacker.

Often it is seen that victim and her family are out casted and are insulted, so much that they are treated as untouchables.

However, setting an example, there is one farmer from Haryana fighting against with it by marrying a rape victim.

30-year-old farmer, Jitender Chhatar from Haryana’s Jind district married a gang rape victim and helping her to fight the legal battle bringing justice.


“Jitender had married the girl in December 2015 and has been living happily ever since. The girl’s parents had approached Jitender’s family for marriage and they readily agreed,” reported India Times.




Chhatar has also helped his wife to enroll at a law school to receive a degree.


“She can join the judicial services or as a lawyer can help other rape survivors. We have already started a platform called, Youth Against Rapes,” Chhatar has said in July, the report added.


Even though she received several blackmails from offenders, she didn’t stop fighting for justice.  


“Since the day we got engaged, except for discussion with a lawyer or in court we don’t talk about my case much. I and my family owe a lot to Jitender as part from fighting off the taboo, he is also facing the ire of the accused who try to frame him in false cases,” she said.


Let’s hope strict punishment will be given to the rapists and give survivors a hope to live with respect and pride.


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