Sachin Tendulkar shares an adorable picture of himself “hanging out” as a child



God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar shared his heartwarming throwback photo on social media.

The post has over 59,000 reactions on the social networking sites in only a couple of hours! 




Little Sachin, hanging upside down on a monkey ladder. "'Hanging out' had a different meaning back then," says Sachin on Facebook



"This was the only hanging out we knew as kids… it's so unfortunate that kids have to be coaxed into such things nowadays… those were the days," says one commenter on the post. "Very true. Kids are now more busy with mobile games, they have forgot the purpose of play ground," says another.


Start early, time waits for none! Where do you think this is from?



Book in his hand but sports in his blood!



Here's a few more we managed to find on google! 

Little master with his bat



A monotone version of the hang out picture! 



Sporting a incredibly cutie hippie hairstyle



There's always sweet little memories hidden in every picture. We'd love to see many more, keep them coming Master! 





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