This Sikh Student Graduation Speech At UC Berkeley Is The Best Thing You Will Hear Today

Graduation Speech



Speaking is an art. Don’t you think so? The way you speak gets you friends, enemies, admirers and followers. May be this is why our ancients said “Think twice before you speak”. The words that come from mouth are more powerful. It can turn a weak hearted person to a brave hearted person, a good person to a terrorist, a miser to a donor and what’s not.


The UC Berkeley Leadership Award Recipient from Chandigarh, Punjab Angad Singh Padda, a 23-year-old Sikh student, mesmerized everyone with his graduation speech at UC Berkeley. The young man who is also a National Jack Kent Cooke Scholar and the recipient of the Poets and Quants Best and Brightest Business Undergraduate Award played the tabla before his speech took the opportunity to talk about “problems”, not of his own but of the world.

In a powerful, funny and evocative speech, he urged everyone to fight together for a greater good and “make the world a better place.”

Listen to this beautiful speech.

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