He Left His Lucrative Job To Provide Clothes To Poor People!!



If everyone thinks like Anshu Gupta, India beats poverty and everyone in this universe leads a happy life.

The rates of rice, dal, house rents, petrol and everything that a common man needs are increasing day by day and with this, the poverty rate is also getting increased.

But there are some people like Anshu Gupta who thinks differently. Just like everyone, Anshu Gupta joined corporate sector after completing his studies. But he was completely disheartened by the selfish attitude of the people around him.

He wanted to give back something to the society. In 1998, he left Escorts as Manager, Corporate Communication and started working on his dream of doing social work and that made him Indian social entrepreneur for Goonj which is a Delhi-based non-governmental organization that positions under-utilized clothes from urban areas to rural areas.




The success of Goonj didn’t happen in overnight. He first started collecting clothes from his own house and friends and then distributed them on the roads in the chilly winter nights of Delhi.

He won Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2015 for his genuine effort of clothing the poor via his NGO Goonj.

Now, under Goonj's flagship 'Cloth for Work' initiative, village communities across India work on their own issues and get the urban clothes and materials as a reward for their efforts.


Anshu said, “We promote the idea of cloth-for-work where people who do work are rewarded with material. There is a sense of dignity in this”.


Sudhir Pai who is an Electronics engineer by qualification and also a motivational speaker, success coach and author of 2 books (Think Like A Winner and Live Your Dreams) likes to spread this kind of positive news and articles. He can be contacted on 9820073993 (India).


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