These 7 Google Maps Features Highly Helpful For Indians

Google Maps Featuresvia

5. Customized Home Screen To Quickly Look At Destinations


Google Maps new home screen brings all the important features up front for users so that they can quickly look at directions and download an area for offline use.


6. Add An Address Of Other Users


Google Maps recent feature for India is Add an address which lets you add an address for millions of other users to see that comes with a filter. Google doesn’t allow users to put personal information for that location.


7. Highly Helpful Landmark-Based Navigation


At times, while using the navigation mode, the app says ‘turn left from [landmark name]’ instead of ‘turn left after [distance]’, which is highly helpful in India.

Thanks to Google Maps for making things easier. If you know any other great feature of Google Maps which is not listed here, share us in the comments. 10 simple tricks to get the best results out of Google search engine.

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