These 7 Google Maps Features Highly Helpful For Indians

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Even though there are many search engines, Google is the most preferred search engine by most of the Indians. And of course search giant offers many services that are used by millions of users across the globe. India is one of the key markets of Google Maps and so exclusively for us there are several India-first features in Google Maps which you may not be aware of.

Here are the 7 Google Maps features which are highly helpful for Indians.

1. Offline Mode To Use When No Internet


Google Maps offline mode feature is introduced as we have patchy network connectivity across the country. But not any more due to Jio revolution that India had seen in recent times. However, this feature lets users download the entire cities and countries to see the routes even while there is no internet connection.


2. Two-Wheeler Mode To Show Shortcuts


The two-wheeler mode shows some ‘shortcuts’ something four-wheeler vehicles are not capable to take. The two-wheeler mode or the biker-based feature comes in addition to other existing options such as driving, walking and public transit modes.


3. Smart Address Search Shows Nearby Landmark


Smart Address Search will show you a nearby landmark in case you don’t know the exact location and searching for it in Maps. The aim of this feature is to make you reach as close to the destination as possible.


4. Schematic Metro Or Rail Maps


To provide users complete information on traveling without the need to open a different app, Google partnered with metro and railway authorities in India last year to give users something more than routes – fares, connectivity, timings and more.

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