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GOOGLE has come up with major announcements with the new year in its grand yearly event i/o 2017. Google launched Android 8th version, Android O and there are various other major revelations that Google has made in this conference. It is one of the biggest technology event in the world, held in mountain view, California. The event was hosted by Google CEO Sundar Pichai and his team in which they introduced a new face of the virtual world to the developers. The event was attended by some various top rated developer from all over the world. Google introduced latest Android's version, Android O and an all new operating system, Android Go, which drew everybody's attraction towards themselves.   

As the introduction of this major event, Mr. Sundar Pichai mentioned that there are more than 2 billion Android users in this world. He also mentioned that "India has more Google-Android users than of America." The major focus of this mega event was kept on artificial intelligence and machine learning. All the new products and advanced updates feature majorly revolves around these both technologies and we can sharply see that. In i/o 2017, Google has introduced 10 new product and advanced features including Android O and Android Go. which are following: 


1. Android O: Latest Version; 8th Generation

Android ORef:

Google has not broken its legacy of introducing a new Android version every year. They launched Android 7, nougat previous year in the same event and this time it is the next version, Android O. Now, Android latest version has been named Android O but its full name is estimated to be 'Oreo'. Improvement in battery life, picture in picture, new notification bar, new icons, automatic text copying are some major features of the latest Android O. Also, this version will offer an option of autofill for password management, which will ease password management system of your phone.


2. Android Go: Separate OS For Basic Devices

Android ORef:

Google launched 'Android Go' in this mega event, which came as a shocking surprise and with this google has set a new standard line. 'Android Go' is an operating system for the entry level devices with RAM 512 MB to 1 GB. It will include basic Google apps which are a little lite and performs better than earlier. It will include chrome data saver feature which will help users in the efficient utility of the device and apps.


3. Youtube: 360-degree Video View & Super Chat

Android ORef:

i/o 2017 also included a huge announcement related to Youtube. Google launched 360-degree video view and previewed it on the background screen that each and every angle can be enjoyed with this. They also launched super chat for youtube users, which avails the option of live chat amongst the channels and viewers.       

4. Google Assistance: Now on iPhones too

Android ORef:

Google assistance will now be available for iOS along with Android. Google has really high hopes with this AI based assistance, CEO Pichai himself briefed about this. This assistance can not replace iOS's Siri but definitely will be a useful extra application for the users. Google Lense will also be a part of Google Assistance only. Voice command and Typing command both are applicable. 

5. StandAlone Virtual Reality Headsets

Android ORef:

Google is strengthening the world with virtual reality by providing an all-angle view. To accomplish this task, Google partnered with 2 tech giants HTC & Lenovo to make this Virtual Reality headset. Google guaranteed that this will a completely new and different experience for the users. This device is supposed to launch by the end of 2017.   

6. Google Home: Voice Activation In Speakers

Android ORef:

Google home voice activated speakers are now included with multiple new features. According to the CEO Pichai, Google Home is the world's most advanced voice system, which supports features like hands-free calling and Bluetooth. Now, it can also be synced with your PC and smartphones in a much easier way. It supports music apps like Soundcloud and Spotify. It will be launched in various nations but the list doesn't include India. Indian user can avail it via international e-commerce portals.


7. Google For Jobs: New Intelligent Job Search Platform

Android ORef: 

Google joined hands with job search engines like LinkedIn and glassdoor to avail a whole new experience of job search to the users. Basic technology used behind this is machine learning, which will help you to ease your job search experience by syncing all the parameters at a single place. Initially, launched in America but soon it will be available for the world.  


8. Google Lense: Machine Eye

Android ORef:

Google Lense will be an app based machine eye. CEO Pichai explained it as a magical vision and said that it works on vision-based computing. It has the ability to understand that what you are watching and what kind of help you require. It is being connected with google photos and Google assistance but eventually, it will be synced with all the google products.


9. Firebase: Cloud Bases Developer Platform

Android ORef:

Firebase will remind you of Microsoft Azure, which was a huge platform for the cloud developers. Firebase is such cloud-based developer platform, which will boost up the new apps for the developers and will help them in maximizing profits. New Interface has been generated for the same; features increases the efficiency and effectivity ~ low expense and high rewards.


10. Google Photo Books

Android ORef:

With this conference, Google has strengthened the photos platform by introducing a new feature, Photo Books which is based on machine intelligence. It will avail users to print their favorite personalized pictures as an album. It will be available for Android, iOS, and the web. Also, a new feature 'Shared Libraries' has been introduced that will help users to share pictures with some selected people. 

Yet again, Google has come up with revolutionary products and Advanced feature updates, which is definitely going to make-over the face of the virtual world. Google CEO, Mr. Sundar Pichai has indicated that there is a lot more to come and machine learning and artificial intelligence are something that Google is vastly working on. Update your phone Android O and let us know in the comment section about your experience of using latest Android O and how you felt about other Products/Updates. 

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