Goa, The First State To Provide 100% Tap Water In Rural Households; Becomes First Har Ghar Jal Certified State


Goa needs no introduction as the wealthiest state in the country is an important tourist center that hasn’t gone out of fashion for ages. On the extreme shore, we can see luxury hotels and landmarks, casinos in the sea, and rural and underprivileged households off the coast. There have always been times when the government has faced issues in distributing life resources uniformly throughout the state. But things are set up to change these days as wise moves are being made for everyone’s betterment, just like a major topic Har Ghar Jal we have covered today.


Har Ghar Jal

Har Ghar Jal Goa

Goa is in the headlines as the Har Ghar Jal scheme has caught momentum in the wealthiest state. The reason is the 2024 polls that have inspired a lot of developmental projects, including this one. So as the name suggests, the motive behind the scheme is to provide potable water supply to every rural household.

The reason for Goa’s blowing up is that it is the first state to be certified with 100% coverage of the above scheme. The plan cost three years at an expenditure of ₹200 Cr, benefitting 2.63 lakh households throughout both districts.


Overall National Status

Goa Har Ghar Jal Mission

Other than Goa, states like Haryana, Telangana, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and Puducherry benefit from the scheme. All these states have successfully covered 100% but are yet to gain certification. Over 1.5 lakh have already reported 100% coverage and are yet to be certified.

States like Punjab (99.9%), Gujarat (97%), Bihar (95.49%), and Himachal Pradesh (94.85%) are pretty close to covering 100%, respectively, while progressing rapidly day by day.

While most states have already met the target coverage and some are inches away from completion, many big states are yet to make moves that add up 95% of residue. Therefore, to promote the feeling of emergence among the respective defaulters, September 30 has been declared as the due date for 100% coverage. These big states include Uttar Pradesh and 13 more.



Har Ghar Jal

After completion, villages are expected to seek validation from the Gram Panchayat and pass a resolution to practice transparency.

Stepping further, Gram Sabha meetings are taped for seeking certification from the departmental portal, where they are supposed to be uploaded.

The ‘Har Ghar Jal’ campaign started in 2019 and looks forward to 2024 as its deadline as the scheme has already gained 52% coverage despite delays. Vikas Sheel, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Jal Shakti and Mission Director, Jal Jeevan Mission, has stated, “We are encouraging state administration to come forward and get districts certified, hand holding them through the entire process.” The main reason for his focused efforts on this scheme is to encourage overall state administrations to step in and get maximum districts on the verge of certification as soon as possible. As water is a vital and mandatory human fuel, its abundance throughout the nation can play a massive role in the overall health of citizens and the nation’s progress towards prosperity.

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