7 Interesting Gmail Tips And Hacks That You Must Know



Well, we all use Gmail regularly. But wait…have you ever tried these?


1. Every person who uses Gmail has two email addresses.


             If your email id is [email protected] then by default you will have [email protected]


2. It doesn’t matter if you have dots in your Gmail id


          Let’s say your Gmail id is [email protected] then [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]and any other, the email will be delivered to [email protected] only


3. You can create infinite email ids by just adding + anything  to your Gmail id


       If your Gmail id is [email protected] then adding +anything will be delivered to [email protected] only. For example, [email protected] is same as [email protected]


4. You can track your spammers




      Yes. When you sign up for any news letter, put one more dot in your email id. For example, if your Gmail id [email protected], give [email protected] , where both are recognized as same by Gmail server and the email will be delivered to [email protected]. You will know which newsletter sold your email address to spammers.You can also use 3rd tip to find spammers.


5. You can stop your sent email from sending




There is powerful undo-send option. If you accidentally sent email with mistakes, then no need to worry, “undo send” help you stop your email from sending for a few seconds. Enable this option by going to settings->General.




6. Writing similar content again and again? Here is the tip




     Most of the emails we write contain similar content. So, don’t type again just save in canned responses so that you can retrieves and use it again.


7. You can unsubscribe all disgusting emails in bulk




        We get so many emails and most of them we are not interested. Manually unsubscribing each is tedious task.  Use tool to unsubscribe all those unwanted in one click which can save lot of your time.


If you know any other tip, leave a comment and share knowledge. Happy mailingsmiley


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