These Kinds Of Glasses Used For Different Drinks For Drink Lovers


Are you a drink lover? Do you often invite your friends to cocktail housewarming parties? Then you must know which wine glasses to use for which drink. There is no multipurpose glass where you can serve all kinds of drinks.

Know the mystery behind it all.

1. The Wine Glass To Retain Aroma


Aroma is one of the most important elements with wine, which is why your wine glass should have a large opening. There are different size wine glasses. For red wine like Pinot Noir and Syrah, glass should be larger and have a rounder bowl to swirl the wine easily.

Whereas white wine like Chardonnay and Sauvignon, glass will have a smaller mouth area so that wine does not oxidize too fast. Your standard wine glass should have a stem so that holding the glass by the stem transfers less heat to the wine and your hand is not warming it up as fast.


2. The Shot Glass To Consume Very Quickly


Alcoholic beverages served in a shot glass are consumed very quickly. It is typically anywhere between 30 to 90 ml, preferably Vodka or Tequila.


3. The Collins Glass If Aromatics Are Not Important


This glass is useful to have bubble retention because most drinks in this have some soda water added to them. But, it is still big enough to accommodate ice. The drinks like a mojito where aromatics are not quite as important can be served in this glass. And the drinks served in these are little bit sweeter.


4. The Tumbler Glass For Beer Favourites


Beer is served in tumblers as it holds a large quantity. Beer contains less alcohol content than other drinks and so it should be taken in good amount. And tumbler which is any flat-bottomed glass is a perfect choice.


5. Old Fashioned Rocks Glass


It is especially good for cocktails as the glass can accommodate large cubes of ice and still you can stir within the glass. Due to its nice big opening, you can smell the aromatics.


6. The Snifter Glass For Brandy And Whisky


It has a very short stem which is supposed to be cradled in the hand. The large bowl allows the drink to be swirled. And the drinker can enjoy a more prominent smell as they sip as shorter mouth traps aromas.


7. The Martini Glass


Drinks served in this glass will not have ice in them. They will be shaken or stirred with ice first and then strained into it. Martini glasses have a larger bowl and are fully conical at the bottom. The cone shape serves to help maintain temperature and keep the ingredients pushed together.


8. The Flute Glass For Champagne


This is used for champagne and other sparkling wines to make the bubble last for as long as possible. Aroma is not as important with these wines so the opening is smaller to minimize the exposure to air.


9. The Grappa Glass To Hold The Strong Stuff


The glass has a bulb shape at the bottom because spheres are very good at maintaining temperature. From there, it flares upward to give you a little bit of that aroma.


10. The Dessert Wine Glass


The dessert wine is typically very sweet and you don’t want a lot of it. It has a smaller opening as sweetness is perceived more on the tongue than in the nose.

There are tons of other glasses like dram glasses for sipping scotch, margarita glasses for margaritas and the list goes on. However, these basics will help you to pretend you are classy.

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