These College Girls Gave Tough Competition To Boys In Adventure Games

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College life is the best phase of life. We make new friends that are forever, learn new things and a lot more. These girls have proved that girls are no less than boys and they have the strength to give tough competition to the boys. In Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), during the ongoing fest at a college in the capital, students appeared to play hardcourt games. In which college completed had the task of games like Rope Climbing Competition, Tug of War, Matka Race and Weight Lifting for the girls to complete. Students enjoyed fun activities and these adventure games.

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This Team Winner Took A Selfie With 80 People!

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In fact, at a college in Bhopal, sports activities were set up during Annual Fest. Meanwhile, SAC Race was also organized among the students. At the same time, everyone in the Rope Climbing Competition hanged on the back of the rope and then ran the distance.

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In addition, the Tug of War, Matka Race and Weight Lifting Races were also organized. A tank competition was organized. In this, a partner was locked in the tank and the other partner had to go from the other side and bring the key to open the tank. Ultimately, Biggest Selfie Contest was organized in which the students had to click selfies with the highest number of members. In this contest, with the help of 80 people, Team Winner, took a Selfie and won the challenge.

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For a special autograph writing competition, most of the final year’s students were seen in the white dress code. Finally, final year’s students wrote messages on their Friends shirts.

These girls have proved the girl power! And girls are ahead in everything these days. So more strength and power to them! Check this Woman From Pune Sets A New Record By Skydiving In Saree – Check Video.