These 8 Things Guaranteed To Happen In Girls’ Night Out

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Whether you like to make an appearance at your regular haunts or prefer to change it up and try out something new, there are some things about girls’ night that always seem to be the same. It will also be the same that parents think about their girls.


Someone Asks If Their Boyfriend Can Come

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There’s always one girl who just can’t stand the thought of being away from her amazing new boyfriend for one night. She is told, he is not welcome, and then all proceed to berate her for even asking.

Parents think that my girl cannot have a boyfriend. It is impossible. The reason for their thinking is that their child will marry the person whom they choose.


You Take Too Long To Get Ready And End Up Leaving Way Later Than You Planned..


You know you have to be at the bar at 10 if you want to avoid the line, but you end up rolling up around midnight, anyway. Hopefully one of you still knows the bouncer.

Parents think my girl is so beautiful why she takes so long to dress up.


You Reminisce Like Crazy


Even though you’ve rehashed the same stories a hundred times before, there’s nothing like a couple glasses of wine to make you remember all the most cringe-worthy moments from the duration of your friendship.

Drinking a no-no for my girl, that’s what a parents idea is. The logic is many. They think that everything should have a cover, drinking is for rich not for us and many more.


Someone Always Leaves Early


She either has some in-law thing in the morning, or she just isn’t into partying like she used to be. Either way, you all beg her to stay for just one more round, and she probably gives in, but just order a ginger ale.

Parents cannot imagine a girl to be late returning home. They think roads are not safe, social bias about girls returning late and so on…


You Bitch About Men


Single, dating, cohabitating, married, it doesn’t matter. There’s always something guy related to complaining about. When a boyfriend is a no you can think about co-habiting. Parents cannot even imagine their girl doing so.


Someone Passes Around Her Phone For Some Group Tindering


You swipe right on everyone just to see what kinds of ridiculous conversations you’ll have. Then you all discuss how it’s possible to simultaneously love and hate being single.

“My girl is the most soft-spoken” … that’s the idea of parents. They do not have an idea in what language their girl speaks to her friends. Girls generally speak soft and in proper language at home which makes parent believe that their girl is so everywhere.


Someone Tries To Set Rules


There’s always one girl that tries to enforce the whole “this is girls’ night” thing by cockblocking every single guy that even looks in your group’s direction for a second too long. You have to pretend you’re going to the bathroom to slip that guy your number if you’re looking for a hookup on girls’ night out.

Giving the number to an unknown boy is the most unimaginable thing that their girl can do, is the parents’ idea.  They can’t even think about their girl speaking to a boy is unimaginable so, giving number is out of the way.


Someone Ditches The Group For A Guy, Anyway


Can she help it if she has the opportunity to hang out with a Channing Tatum lookalike? None of you can really blame her, so you let it slide this time.

Parents cannot even imagine their girl running away with a boy in the midst of night. Parent think that they would select the husband of their girl child. Want to know which kind of secrets girls hide from boys, check here.

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