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12 Secrets That Boys Will Never Share With Girls




Boys are not naturally gifted to express themselves like girls. They hide sensitive matters.

Boys tell girls what they want to hear. 

Girls!! You may feel weirdsmiley

There are several secrets boys will not share with girls.

1. Boys also afraid of lizards but they pretend and help when girls ask to shove it out of the house.

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Shocked? surprise


2. Boys are not stone at all. They also cry but if they are crying means, they are damn deeply hurt.


If a guy cries for girl, it means no one can love her more than him. He is precious.


3. Boys scare about the future but they never show it off.



4. Boys never like if girls brag the topic but they just nod their heads as a sign of listening.


So, better leave the topic. Don’t embarrass him.


5. Girl's beauty and figure comes in their first list.


They say internal beauty is important but they also give equal importance to external beauty.


6. When it comes to the girlfriend/sisters topic, the boy’s first priority is always their sisters but they lie.



7. Boys love roaming with their male friends rather than with female friends.



8. Boys never share their saddest moments unless they are so compelled.



9. Boys never express how much they care for their girl / mother / sister or friend. They make sure that you are in safe zone always.



10. Boys hate shopping with their girlfriends.



11. Boys love their moms more than any lady in this world. If your guy is saying he loves you more, he is lying.



12. Boys don't trust girls driving.


If a guy is praising a girl for her driving skills then chances are their that he is lying.

Guys, did I miss anything? Leave comment belowsmiley

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