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8 Reasons Which Make Your Girlfriend Leave You For Another Man



Not everyone can get true love in this world so easily. But if you get one, either from your girlfriend or love who then turns to be your wife, then you are very lucky. If everything is going well and you are happy in your relationship and you wouldn’t want anything to change for the moment, then it’s fine.

But, if she just gets up and bolts out of the relationship without any sign then it means there is a strong reason behind this. Relationships are very sensitive and it should be handled with utmost care.

Then, how can you stop these surprise exits of your girlfriend from happening to you?

A true loving woman never leaves her man without any strong reason. If you don’t want your girlfriend to leave you without notice, then better make your adjustments soon if you find that you are guilty of a lot of the things that are listed on here.


1. If you show moodiness….


Wherever you go with her, you are always creating negative vibrations. If you are always moody whenever you are around her, then you can’t expect her to stick around for too long.


2. If you lie too much to her….


Honest and trust are the two main reasons for any loving relationship. If you lie to her on a consistent basis and you are always getting caught, then she leaves you very soon for this kind of behavior.


3. If you are so serious always….


Stop being so serious. Don’t try to control the situation. Learn to be immature and be childish every once in a while if you don’t want her to leave you.


4. You are always boring


You have boring and predictable routine and don’t even make an effort to bring some spice into the relationship. No one ever likes to be bored and so don’t be surprised if she leaves you for the prospect of a more exciting life.


5. You never listen to her


If your partner doesn’t listen to you, it’s frustrating, isn’t it? That’s how she feels every time you choose not to listen to her when she wants to talk to you. As a partner, she always expects you to be there for her when she is in trouble. When you don’t listen to her, she ends up feeling like you don’t value her opinion and then she leaves you forever.


6. If you always judge her and criticize her too often


If you always make her feel bad and if she gets hurt then she needs a break from all the pressure. You need to make an effort to build her up to be a strong and confident individual.


7. If you are not sharing sensitive matters with her


If you are telling her that you don’t trust her enough to share some matters, then she will end up feeling like she doesn’t matter much to you as you won’t let her into your world.


8. If you don’t spend enough time with her.


Time is money. If you are spending your valuable time with her then it means you value her. And time is the best thing you could ever give to a person. If you don’t give her the time that she needs from you, then she goes looking for someone who can give that time.


The synonym for love is forgiveness but today most of the youth confuses and think infatuation is love. It is the mistake of media to spread infatuation as love in movies. God is the form of love because he forgives once you accept your mistake. Parents, especially mother is the embodiment of love as she forgives all her children mistakes.

But today most of the youth search for love in colleges and unfortunately because of some movies, even school going children also started. Whatever it is, girls always seek respect especially from their partners. They observe even a minute thing in a relationship. If you are damn serious about your relationship and never want your girlfriend to leave you then you should really start considering above points. 15 things that ruin the relationships and how to avoid them.

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