Birthday – The Only Girl In The Department Gets Special Treatment!


280 boys in their uniform hosted a ultra special birthday party for the only girl student in their department!



This has taken the Chinese social media by storm. 



All the boys stood in a perfect formation and surprised her when they started singing Happy Birthday in a perfect tune



The girl, Wu Xun doing her Marine Engineering at Shanghai's Merchant Marine College must have been one extremely lucky girl to receive such special treatment. 



With big beautiful eyes and long dark hair, she has a huge line of guys behind her. Honestly, they don't have much choice considering how she is the only girl in the department.


The college has always admitted only boys but Wu Xun is one of the very few females to have ever been admitted. 



The college revised its policy of admitting only male students in 2015 and started accepting applications from female students as well

If a male student can major in a professional subject, so can female students – Wu Xun


What a way to feel special on one's birthday. So happy for her.  


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