Every Man Has Two Wives Here – Strange!

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In a village called Derasar in the Barmer district of Rajasthan, every man has two wives. It is a small village inhabited by seventy Muslim families.

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EVERY single man marries twice and the reason? No first marriage has borne even a single child. It has always been the second marriage that has yielded childbirth! Hence they all have two wives.

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This has been the case for decades now. Though it's normal for a Muslim man to have two wives, the motive behind the men in this village is what makes it distinct

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This is not even untrue. It is very true that every man has gotten children only from the second marriage, which gives enough reason for the men to not stop at all

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There are a select few people who have married only once but they do not have children

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The first wives don't ever get jalous of the second wives. They always live together as a happy family and this is what makes it beautiful. 

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A man beyond the age of 50 years did not get children from his first marriage. He married someone else and he got four sons and five daughters. Well. 


The world and its strange traditions!


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