India’s Gold Man, Datta Phuge allegedly beat to death – Financial conflicts


Last thursday, 14th of July, Pune’s multi millionaire Datta Phuge was murdered in his car, and the killers spared his 21 y/o son.

In case you don’t know who he is, then take a look at this picture.



Yeah, now you get why we call him the gold man. Few weeks back, this man made up a gold shirt for himself (which you see in the pic) and those photos went viral over the internet.

Reportedly, that shirt costed him around $250,000. (1.7cr)


This man was murdered by a group of people when he and his son Shubham Phuge was on their way to a party.

The members of the gang and the motive for this murder was unknown until yesterday. Assumptions were made that it happened due to some business disputes. But, it's not,

Police investigations said that, he was murdered by Shubham’s friends for Rs.1.5 L he owes them (seriously? Rs.1.5L is like tipping a waiter, for a man in a gold shirt dude!) The reports also say that, around 10pm, Shubham was called by his friend Atul Mohite, inviting him and his father to a midnight Birthday party. They also asked him to buy 10 packets of Biryani and 2 packets of cigarette.


While they were on their way to the party, Datta was murdered.

Atul Mohite was arrested and he spilled some beans. Shubham’s four other friends are being searched by the police.

Shubham usually wears gold all over his body and he was always surrounded by armed bodyguards.


But, it's still unknown why there weren’t even a single bodyguard with him at that time.


Somethings's fishy indeed. 

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