Four Women Bike 10,000 Km Across 10 Asian Countries.

Four Women Bike 10,000 Km Across 10 Asian Countries. The Reason Makes You Proud!!

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Biking Queens!!! Four women bike 10,000 km across 10 Asian countries. The reason obviously makes us think and at the same time makes us proud. 

All-dressed-in-black squad went on a 10,000 km run across 10 Asian countries to spread awareness against the social evil of female foeticide.



The biker team led by psychologist Sarika Mehta, 40, successfully completed their 10,000 km expedition in Singapore after crossing Malaysia.

The other members of the gang include interior designer Yugma Desai, 27; travel agent Durriya Tapia, 36; and human resource professional Khyati Desai, 31.

Raising Awareness Against Foeticide

Founder of 'Biking Queens', Sarika said, "While the problem of female foeticide is huge in India, we believe it is also a global problem and can happen anywhere."

Four women visited schools, universities, and NGOs in nations like Thailand and Bhutan.

While stressing on their campaign, the women also talked to Indian High Commissioner Vijay Thakur Singh in Singapore and highlighted the importance of education against gender prejudice.


The women wanted to raise awareness against foeticide which is no longer an Indian issue but also a global one. 


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