These Bollywood Movies Are The Best Which Describes Importance Of Father

Fathers Day



And finally the day has arrived. 18th of June, Father's Day! And we are more than just excited, buying gifts for our fathers and appreciating them for their unconditional love they shower on us throughout the year. But something seems to be missing. Yes exactly, some quality time with your dad in the comfort of your home. Here are a list of 6 Bollywood movies which signifies the father and son/daughter relationship.


1. Jaanwar


What would be better than a vintage movie from the 90s on Father's Day. This one stars Akshay Kumar and is about Badshah (Akshay Kumar) and a girl Sapna. Badshah loved Sapna dearly and so did Sapna. But circumstances so create that Badshah has to run with a boy named Raju who Sapna falsely assumes as Badshah's child. Later on, the boy is taken care of by Badshah. The story then revolves around the unification of the child with his parents and Sapna with Badshah. With many twists and turns, and with Akshay's adoring role of a father, take a nostalgic ride with this movie on this Father's Day.


2. Wake up Sid


Let's come back to the modern times. Quite a popular one, this one stars Ranbir Kapoor and its about the carefree son named Siddharth aka "Sid" Mehra of a wealthy businessman named Ram in Mumbai. He fails his final year graduation exams and releases his frustration on friends and his father. Finally he decides to leave the home, but looks like fate has something else planned for him. This carefree son struggles hard and finally gets a job and his first paycheque, seeing which he and his father decide to reconcile. The movie depicts a typical relationship between a father and the son,with the son finally realizing his mistake and reuniting with his family. A light movie with some emotional scenes, the movie is well suited for the Father's Day.


3. Paa


Now this movie is something special and stars Abhishek Bacchan as father,Amol, Vidya Balan as mother,Vidya and Amitabh Bacchan as his son Auro, suffering from progeria. Quite contradictory, nothing to worry about. It's a beautiful movie with a strong storyline and is quite emotional with a sad ending. A rare story describing the relationship between a father and his specially abled child, how they both connect with each other, and how the child helps in reuniting his mother and father, the movie is sure to bring a few tears to the eyes. So, if you plan to get a bit emotional, do watch this one with your dad.


4. Waqt A Race Against Time

Father's DayRef

This one is also quite an emotional movie starring Amitabh Bacchan as Ishwarchand and Akshay Kumar as Aditya, the father and son duo. Ishwarchand, as the name suggests, is wealthy man with a toy factory. His son is carefree, always trying to escape responsibilities. The father son relationship comes to a low when Aditya is thrown out of his house, until he came to know that his father has lung cancer. The ending is an optimistic one though, so if you are looking for an emotional movie with all smiles in the end, this one is perfect for you and your dad.


5. Dangal


And finally time for a blockbuster, India's highest grossing movie ever, starring Aamir Khan, this one takes us through the relationship of a father with his daughters, who wanted his dream of winning a medal for the country to be fulfilled by his daughters. He trains his daughters harshly, the relationship hits a new low until they realize that their father is taking all this pain for their betterment only. It's a typical reality based father-daughter relationship signifying movie and is a must watch for daughters and dads.


6. Baghban


Again coming back to father son relationship, this one stars Amitabh Bacchan and Hema Malini as father and Salman Khan as an adopted son. The couple also has four other sons, but as they get old, they decide to live with their sons. But except for the adopted son, all their other sons give them a a harsh treatment. In the end, no, the end is for you to find out. An interesting movie with an equally interesting plot, this one also is a serious contender on your today's to-do list.

There are many more movies related to this genre. If you find any movie which joins the list, let us know. So this father's day, lets be a bit cinematic. A happy Father's Day to all of you.


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