Few Lesser Known Facts And Events Around the World – #7 Is Surprising

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5.  Can You Imagine A Country Without Armed Forces?

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Yes, it is true. We can’t imagine a country without its armed forces. Since many centuries countries have evolved their Military and other Forces and they consider it as an important factor while allocating budgets. But COSTA RICA is a country of its kind. It has abolished its Armed Forces like Navy, Army, and Air Force since 1949. The country doesn’t allocate money for these forces in their budget Instead they have a strong and better police force. Their government spends the surplus funds mainly on education, health and policing. Their average spending on education is 6.9% of its budget (2016) which is way higher than the world’s average, which is 4.4%. Thus they have highly educated people with utmost discipline and civic responsibilities.


6. Legalization/Decriminalization Of Drugs

Facts around the world

There is no criminal charge if you use drugs in PORTUGAL. Yes, it has become a non-criminalised charge in the country since 2001. Portugal used to be a place for the high transmission of STDs during 1999. There was a huge mafia running behind the law, making the people become drug addicts. For the shock of the citizens and rest of the world, the government took a decision to make drugs a legal affair in the country. To our surprise, the rate of STDs has come down and now there are not many places left with drug consumption. The decision was bold, but the result is gold.


7. December 30 (Friday), 2011 Missing On A Country’s Calendar

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The country is SAMAO. It changed its international date line in 2011 to make its trade easy with prime partners Australia and New Zealand. The country once changed this Time Line 119 years ago to become a friend of US. But later it decided that its friendship with the Tasmanian Islands helps for its cause of trade. For this trade to become more efficient it has to change its Time Zone. By doing that, it had to lose a day and directly turn their calendar from Thursday to Saturday.

There are 192 countries in the world and not every time we know about some interesting news or event. So this collection brings together some of the crazy events happened in the world in recent times and if we dig deep into the history we can find numerous facts and events taken place which we don’t know. These facts all together create some unknown interest and that makes us feel really excited and relieved. They also help us to get informed about the existence of many cultures and various kinds of people in the vast mankind. So, check out these amazing facts which you’ll never forget.