Few Lesser Known Facts And Events Around the World – #7 Is Surprising

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There are many events occurring in many countries. Not all of them are unique and catch our eye. The world is left in crazy feels when we come across some facts. We might have noticed few of them in the news during the event, but this is the collection of all such moments to refresh your mind and make you feel wonderful.


1. Can A Country Run Without A Government?

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The answer is yes, in BELGIUM. This happened in June 2010 when due to some political issues there was no party who got the majority to form a government the country. Finally, a government was formed in December; 2011. So there was no government for 589 days which has become a world record.


2. A Country Without Any Debts

Facts around the world

Out of the 192 countries in the world, there is no country which is self-sufficient with money. They borrow from other countries, the World Bank, IMF etc in various sources. But there is this country named BORNEO ISLAND in South East Asia, where it doesn’t have a penny as debt. This is very strange but true. The Island maintains its economy by trading Oil and gas resources but it doesn’t take any debts. To our surprise, the country announces subsidies on every service which really deserves whole a wholehearted applause.


3. Two Countries Having Same National Anthem

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Every country designs its own National Flag and National Anthem for creating an identity. National Anthems, when sung together by all the citizens, bring goosebumps and create a feeling of oneness among the public. But these two countries, GREECE and REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS, share a common National Anthem. Here is the reason. The later country was under the Colonial (British) rule until 1966 and it was freed then after. There were social imbalances as the population is strictly divided as Ethnic Greeks and Ethnic Turks. During that period, the Ethnic Greeks who were in majority decided to choose the National Anthem “Hymn to freedom” or “Hymn to Liberty” as the joint Anthem for both the countries.


4. A Country Without An Official Capital

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Any county in the world operates through its capital. All the important governing bodies work from here and that makes it an important place for the country. So it is often said that a capital represents its Nation. But here is one country named NAURU without an official capital city. A country which is placed near the Central Pacific on the world map, it has a parliament in one of its cities but it doesn’t select a city to be called its capital. This country also possesses another unique record which is that most of its population is obese or oversized. Around 95% of its population is obese.