Holiday Facebook Statuses Gets Families Robbed – Read And Share For Caution

Holiday Facebook Status Gets Families Robbedvia

Three cases have been reported of house burglary because of Facebook Statuses. The accused have also been arrested. They told that they search for names on Facebook based on nameplates at the front door. Find out where the family is. If they were out of town then they planned to rob the house.


Case-1: Residents Of Chandigarh

Holiday Facebook Status Gets Families Robbed

Furthermore, Rakesh Kumar, who lived in Sector 46 of Manimajra, about 7 km from Chandigarh, went with his family to Thailand on summer vacation. The thieves broke into the house and entered the house and took cash, mobile, laptop, and LCD. In this case, police arrested three people. All three are graduates. The accused said in the inquiry that Rakesh was written on the nameplate outside the house. After searching this name on Facebook, it was revealed that the family is out. Only after this theft was planned.


Case-2: Residents of Shimla

Holiday Facebook Status Gets Families Robbed

Amit, who lives in Manimajra’s Bank Colony, says he had gone to Shimla with the family. The day after uploading the photo uploaded to Facebook, Jewelry and cash were stolen from the home. When the thieves were caught, they told that after seeing the photograph of the family in Shimla, they understood that the house was empty. So they went into the house uninformed. Facebook is an immensely popular social networking site. There are some unbelievable facts about Facebook that you might not be known, read here.


Case-3: Trip To Taj Mahal

Holiday Facebook Statuses Gets Families Robbed

In addition, Dinesh, who lives in Manimajra Shantinagar, says that he had gone to Vrindavan, Mathura, and Agra to visit the family. Everyone photographed in front of the Taj Mahal and uploaded to Facebook. A Facebook Status too was uploaded saying family holiday in Agra. Two days later neighbors informed that their house was robbed. It was found in the investigation that after updating the status, the thieves came to know that the house was empty.

Furthermore, Ranjit Singh, SHO of Manimajra police station, says that theft cases are increasing through social websites. In such a situation, people should update such information as Facebook Statuses only after returning from the trip. Also, you should try to leave someone at home when you go out. What do you think about these incidents? Let us know in the comments below.