Here’s The Entire Facebook Data Scandal From 2007 To 2018 – Shocking Revelations

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2. Data Was Used In The Promotions During America’s Elections

Facebook data scandal

During the Elections of America in 2018, a company named ‘Cambridge Analytica’ purchased this Data for the promotions of Republican Party’s candidate Ted Cruise. But when Ted Cruise could not win, this company used this data to analyze the data of Voters who voted for Donald Trump.


3. Facebook Then Changed Their Policy

Then in 2015 Facebook changed its Third Party Policy. After which app developers had to take approval from Facebook for using any Sensitive data. As a result of which if any user Installed a Third Party app they had to take permissions from Facebook. A good example of this is The Candy Crush Saga Game. Whenever you used this App it sent requests to everyone on your Friend List.


4. 2018, The Matter Arose Again, Cambridge Analytica Still Has User Information

Facebook data leak scam

On 17th March 2018 previous Director of Cambridge Analytica Christopher Boyle gave rise to this matter again saying that this Company is using this data of 5 million users and haven’t deleted it till date. Facebook made an agreement to delete this data after Boyle leaves this company but failed to keep a follow-up and they still have this data.


5. Mark Zuckerberg Made Apologies

After Boyle’s statement when #deletefacebook trend went viral. Mark Zuckerberg on 22nd of March Apologised for selling data, on three different platforms on Social Media. Mark Zuckerberg made promises to strengthen the security features of Facebook after India’s warning about the same. He also accepted that Data was sold for wrong Purposes in America’s Elections.

Mark Zuckerberg apologises

Mark Zuckerberg for the first time acknowledged the mistakes made by Facebook publicly. He writes “I know this is a Betrayal of your trust, I’m at fault. It’s our duty to keep public data safe. We’ve failed at it and we’re doing everything to make it right.”

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