It’s Forbidden To Die In This Town Of Norway – Read Why

Forbidden to die in Longyearbyenvia

A place where Dying is Illegal, The Reason might make You Laugh. Can you imagine a place where you cannot die? No, we’re not talking about Suicide or Mercy Killings we’re talking about Natural Deaths. This place exists in Norway, Svalbard, an Island which is Incorporated with Norway has a place named Longyearbyen where people are not allowed to die on their land.

Norway town Longyearbyen

The temperature here is very low, so when a person is buried their body remains intact for several years. This becomes a threat to the people living there. This island has a population of 2000 people and, The Temperature here remains as low as minus 46 degrees in winter. The average temperature here is minus 17degrees. They barely get to see the sun. So when a person dies they’re taken out of the island to bury their bodies in a proper manner. This treaty was signed in 1950 when people started noticing fresh like bodies buried in the Ice. The bodies aren’t able to Disintegrate for several years due to the low temperature.


There is a graveyard made for the people who died of Spanish Flu in 1918 which really became a threat to the whole world.


What Happens When Someone Is About To Die?

Norway town

And so if there is any person who is on Death Bed, they are sent to the nearest best place for their funeral. This place exists in the north most part of the world and lacks a lot of amenities. There are no proper administration buildings like Court Or Hospitals. Persons who are really sick or a lady who is near to give birth are shifted to the Nearest Hospitals.

The means of living on this Island basically depends on Reindeers, Arctic Dogs and Polar Bears. The main sport in this place is Football although there is no Football Playground in this place due to lack of Population. Also, if you want to know about the cheapest cities in the world to live in, click here to find out. Three of Indian cities are on the list.